At Kirra Lien Jewelry we would love to equip you with some simple techniques and tips to keep your completely handmade, Slow Jewelry, in the best condition possible. It is our hope that with awareness of care and practical tips, these adornments will last a lifetime. 


Wearing with Mindfulness :

  • Some jewelry is pointed and may snag on certain types of fabrics or hairstyles.
  • Some jewelry includes delicate chains and may snag on certain types of fabrics or hairstyles.
  • To avoid snagging earrings and other pieces on clothing, simply put on your jewelry after clothing is on, and remove before taking your clothing off.
  • Be mindful when wearing your more elaborate ear adornments out for social events; it is possible to catch our elaborate, tiered, or chain earrings on friends while exchanging hugs.
  • Style and brush your hair without earrings being worn.
  • Remove jewelry for exercising and sleeping.
  • Spraying perfume or applying lotion while wearing your jewels is discouraged. The elements found in these products can effect the finish on your jewels.
  • Throwing jewelry in a purse or large bag with other moving items may cause damage. If you are bringing jewelry with you in a bag, always put it in a small protective box.
  • Avoid exposing your adornments to moisture.


Water & Humidity Exposure :

Many items are hand polished and/or have an intentional patina, which give the pieces dimension and a rustic aesthetic. This derives from hand-work (vs. using manufacturing machinery and chemical finishes). This means that the finish on most items will naturally oxidize or tarnish. We appreciate the character and charm of each piece when worn over time. 

The idea here is to let our natural body oils work their magic with frequent wearing, which will slow down the tarnishing process. We hope to encourage an outlook of the metals becoming even more beautiful and natural-looking with time.

  • Always remove jewelry before submerging into water (examples : shower, washing hands, ocean, pool, steam-room, sauna, bathtub, exercise, lakes, hot-tub, etc.)
  • Hot springs with sulfuric water will heavily oxidize jewelry when submerged; avoid this alchemical experience if you do not want your jewelry to be affected. Or use this as a natural way to purposefully re-darken your jewelry!
  • Store jewelry in a cool, dry place when it is not being worn, such as a metal or wooden keepsakes box. Seal inside of a plastic zip-bag if you are in a high-humidity climate, especially for copper or brass adornments.
  • To restore high shine levels on the surface, simply rub gently with a soft jewelry polishing cloth. Be mindful and extra gentle when polishing any chain elements.


Travel :

  • As jewelry can be damaged while traveling, we recommend for the ultimate care, using the boxes and fabric padding from the original shipping, or a hard-shell jewelry box of your choice .
  • High-end jewelry items should be stored separately in their own container.
  • If stored in a box with other jewelry, wrapping each item in a soft cloth may suffice.
  • Ensure when packing for travel, that your jewelry will not be crushed with pressure or weight.